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How do I apply for the housing Improvement Program?
Title 25 § 256.13
[63 FR 10134, Mar. 2, 1998, as amended at 67FR777921, Dec. 20 2002]

An applicant shall provide verifiable proof of income for all permanent household members in order for their application to be determined immediately whether or not income eligibility has been met. If income eligibility has not been met, then there is no need to complete the rest of the application. If income eligibility has been met, then applicant should proceed to complete other eligibility items immediately. If you have questions about eligibility items, please contact the Public Works Housing Manager/HIP coordinator at 509-634-2807 and leave a detailed message with you name and phone number. Public Works Housing manager is not authorized to waive any eligibility items. Click Here for 2005 Income Guidelines

If application is determined to be income eligible, then complete the rest of the eligibility items as listed below. Incomplete applications cannot be determined for eligibility. All eligibility items must be completed for an application to be determined for eligibility. It is the responsibility of the applicant, not family members (unless a copy of a notarized Power of attorney appoints another family member is submitted with the application), to make sure every application eligibility item is completed.

All applicants should understand that it is not the Public Works Manager/HIP coordinator's responsibility to complete the application for anyone. The Public works Manager/HIP Coordinator is responsible to receive the complete application and determine its eligibility. Once an application is determined to be eligible, then it is submitted to the Pacific NW Housing Manager in Portland, Oregon who gathers all Washington information and submits it to Washington D.C. for approval. All applications are considered and funds are awarded based on THE NEEDIEST OF THE NEEDY criteria nation-wide. Depending upon funding availability, usually one award is approved per tribe per year.

If an application is approved for a HIP award, then the Public Works Housing Manager/HIP Coordinator assumes the role of Project Manager and proceeds with a scope of Work and sets a tentative construction date. Each project is advertised for Bids and the Public Works Manager/HIP Coordinator will award the bid to the lowest acceptable bidder or re-advertise the bid. The amount of the actual HIP Award shall be considered CONFIDENTIAL in order to protect the integrity of the bid process.

HIP Eligibility Items

Income Guidelines