The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
Properties for Sale
To Sell, Exchange or Gift Convey your Indian Trust property, your first stop should always be the BIA Realty office to make application. The paperwork follows a process that can take more than 30 days to complete.

Please note that a real estate agent is not needed at any time for transactions involving Indian Trust lands.

This is only a partial listing that is subject to updates as needed. We also have undivided interests for sale for various properties. Unless otherwise posted, please call the Tribal/BIA Realty office:

Victoria Circle - (509) 634-2347
Tess Williemson - (509) 634-2337


  • 2.77 acres, located outside of Brewster, 4 bed/2 bath 1676sqft home with detached garage, off of Cassimer Bar Rd. Reference 101-3242-A. 


  • 100 acres off of Peter Dan Road, land only. Reference 101-354-A.
  • 109.09 acres off of Peter Dan Road, land only. Reference 101-355.
  • 48.25 acres off of Peter Dan Road, land only. Reference 101-543. 
    Great pastured land. The owner of the above 3 properties is willing to sell together or separately.
  • 5 acres, along Cache Creek Rd, just above the “S” turns; land only. Reference 101-268-B.
  • 4.97 acres located about 1.75 miles north of Nespelem; 6 bed 2 bath 1700sqft HUD home with furnace and wood stove. Reference 101-4160-B.
  • 0.19 acres, located in Coulee Dam, 5 bed 3 bath 1638sqft rambler style home, mostly finished basement; baseboard and wood stove fireplace inserts. Reference 101-5637.
  • 20 acres, located south of Owhi Lake, west of Owhi Lake Rd.; land only. Please call 826-6243 and reference 101-248-1 for more information.
  • 5 acres, located south of Owhi Lake, west of Owhi Lake Rd.; land only. Please call 826-6243 and reference 101-4189 for more information.
  • 20 acres, located north of Nespelem, between Park City Loop Rd. and Gold Lake Rd., land only. Please call 826-6243 and reference 101-178-A .
  • 0.7 acres, upstairs has 3 bed 2 bath 3440sqft, downstairs is 2 bed 1 bath 1100sqft apartment; 4 car garage; central electric heat and air, connected to city water/sewer, located in Elmer City with an excellent view of the river. Reference 101-5664.
  • 0.32 acres located in the Townsite of Nespelem on the east side of Cache Creek / Park City Loop Rd turnoff; vacant lots; water, septic and utilities are available. Reference 101-5622.


  • 2.21 acres; 3bed/2bath, 1760sf Marlette placed in 1993. Detached 3 car garage w/concrete floor and 5 enclosed storage areas. 20'x10' storage shed. New laminate flooring in master bedroom, hallway, living room & dining room. Vinyl flooring in bathrooms. Large garden tub, double sinks in master bath. Skylights in bathrooms & kitchen. Carpet in 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. Washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, built-in microwave/oven/stove. Private well. Awesome view of Columbia River, mountains and cliffs. Reference 101-1208-A.

  • 5 acres with 2 bed 2 bath modular home off of Manilla Creek Rd. Reference 101-3320-A.
  • 4.83 acres, along HWY 21, located south of Bridge Creek Rd, on the west side of the highway. Land only, partially timbered. Reference 101-1260-A.
  • 4.9 acres, along HWY 21, just north of Cache Creek Rd turnoff, on the east side of the highway; land only, timbered. Reference 101-1027-C.


  • 120 acres, land only. The property is completely timbered, located approximately 10 miles north of Inchelium along Hall Creek Road. There is a small seasonal drainage area that flows through the middle portion of the property. Reference 101-5402.
  • 40 acres, land only. The property is timbered, located just north of the Buttercup community, directly off of Hall Creek Rd. Please reference 101-1310.

  • 10 acres, (2) 5 acre lots, located north of St. Michaels Church; land only. Reference 101-5588-E.
  • 3.44 acres, located east of Silver Creek Rd, north of the Rogers Bar area; next to the river, timbered land. Reference 101-1788

Tribal Homes for Sale January 2016 
The homes on this list were acquired by the Tribe through different means including purchase, transfer from Tribal Credit, and land transfers.  A renovation program was developed to repair these houses, which could then be sold to the Tribal membership.  While the renovation program has completed 4 houses since its creation in the spring of 2015, we’ve received an additional 8 properties from Tribal Credit in that same time frame.  Because of the growing inventory, and Tribal member interest in buying these properties as is, the Council has decided to make these homes available.  There were attempts to value these properties for competitive bid.  To do this appraisals would be needed for each house to establish minimum bid values.  This would have delayed the availability of these homes by up to a year.

Only the houses recently received from Tribal Credit have appraisals.  The buyer will be required to have an appraisal as part of the purchase price negotiation.  If we have interest from multiple potential buyers, the determination will be made through competitive bid process.   For homes that were purchased as part of larger parcels, a portion of land surrounding the home will be legally surveyed out up to a maximum of 5.00 acres, more or less; the remaining acreage will be maintained as tribal trust land.

Contact Information is as follows:
Victoria Circle 509-634-2347 or
Tess Williamson 509-634-2337
BIA Realty Department

Cody Desautel 509-634-2249
Natural Resources Director