The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
Human Resources

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to support the Colville Tribes in achieving its goals through the most valuable resource- our PEOPLE!

Divisions:  Recruiting, Employee Relations,
Workman’s Compensation and Benefits

Table of contents and the definitions of the EPM

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HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT: Phone: 800.506.9434, FAX: 509.634.2864

Team HR:
Manager:  Brian Nissen, HR Director
Administrative Assistant II:

Division of Employee Relations:

Vision Statement
The Human Resources Department’s vision is to create balance within the Colville Tribes’ organizational and departmental needs, embracing the cultures, traditions, and the well-being of the employees and communities they serve.
Support Staff                              E-mail Address:  cct.employee_relations@colvilletribes.com
Yalonda Misiaszek: HR Services Manager
Joseph Simpson: HR Analyst
Esmeralda Mosqueda: HR Technician 1
Anthony Thomas: HR Technician 1
Heather Mae Circle-Adolph: HR Assistant
Lorna Mills: HR Assistant

Division of Recruiting:

The Colville Confederated Tribes seeks to attract the best-qualified candidates who support the mission of the Colville Confederated Tribes and who respects and promote excellence through diversity.  The Colville Confederated Tribes strives to actively manage employee talent and maximize growth for both the employee and the Tribe.  The Tribe is committed to equal opportunity and follows recruitment and selection practices that comply with Indian Preference.
Goals of Recruiting and Selection Process
  • To attract highly qualified individuals to the Colville Confederated Tribes.
  • To provide an opportunity for potential candidates to apply for vacancies.
  • To systematically collect information about each applicant’s ability to meet the requirements of the advertised position.
  • To select a candidate who will be successful in performing the tasks and meeting the responsibilities of the position.
  • To emphasize active recruitment of traditionally underrepresented groups, i.e. individuals with disabilities and veterans.
Support Staff                              E-mail Address:  cct.employment@colvilletribes.com
Camille Pleasants: HR Services Manager
Grace Ferguson: HR Analyst
Judy Zunie: HR Technician Senior
Matilda Bob: HR Technician Senior
Rowena St. Pierre: HR Technician Senior
Lawrence Harry: HR Technician Senior

Division of Worker's Compensation and Benefits:

The mission of the Benefits and Workers’ Compensation division is to evaluate, implement and service employee benefits programs that support employee recruitment and retention.  We will strive to develop self confidence among injured employees, treat them with respect, and encourage them in reaching maximum medical improvement.  Our continued success is dependent upon ensuring immediate delivery of benefits, fairness in claims practices, and responsible medical management.
Support Staff                  E-mail Address:  cct.benefits_workerscomp@colvilletribes.com
Leon Long: HR Services Manager
DeeAnna Whalawitsa: HR Technician Senior
Carlie Orr: HR Technician Senior
Jenette Washington: HR Technician Senior

Enrollment Form
Enrollment Meetings Presentation

CCT Employee Benefits Information

Primary Insurance for eligible Employees


Washington Delta Dental (Dental) 1-800-554-1907 or www.deltadentalwa.com

Supplemental Insurance: (Employee voluntarily paid insurance)

Colonial Supplemental 1-800-325-4368 Claim Fax 1-800-880-9325 or www.coloniallife.com

(Disability, Accident, Sickness, Term Life, Cancer, Hospital Confinement, Critical Illness)

Standard Company (life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability) (The Standard)

For all other questions regarding billing and enrollment please call:

Carlie Orr x2012 (carlie.pakootas@colvilletribes.com)

DeeAnna Whalawitsa x2016 (deeanna.whalawitsa@colvilletribes.com)