The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
Environmental Trust

                                   Environmental Trust

Mission: To achieve and maintain a healthy environment with functioning ecological systems including biodiversity, clean water, clean air, and healthy soils required to support plants, animals, tribal values and subsistence uses.

Environmental Trust Brochure
Programs and Projects
Boundary Waters: Protect and enhance boundary waters of the Colville Indian Reservation.
Staff coordinates with state, U.S. federal and Canadian authorities on boundary water quality and Upper Columbia River CERCLA activities, assist with the Lake Roosevelt Water Quality Council, and serves as Lead Administrative Trustee for Upper Columbia River Trustee Council. The Upper Columbia River resource consumption health survey. 

Okanogan River Fish Advisory
Lake Roosevelt Fish Advisory
 Hazardous Waste:  Assess and clean up hazardous waste/materials on the Colville Indian Reservation.
This program enforces the tribal hazardous substances control act, manages hazardous waste assessment and clean up activities on the reservation, maintains an information repository for all clean up and assessment activities on the reservation, past and present, including a responsible party file system, and informs the public of hazardous waste activities on the reservation. 
Watershed Program: Protect and enhance water quality and soil conditions on the Colville Indian Reservation, including tribal law administration on hydraulics & forest practices, mining water quality, and water quality standards .
The Watershed Program monitors Reservation surface and ground water quality, ensures sustainable and productive soils, operates a federal dam safety program on Owhi and Twin Lakes dams, and analyzes water and soil resources for management and land use planning as part of integrated natural resource  management.  Click here for more information!
Water Rights & Permitting: Maintain a water permitting and record system, Tribal water rights, perform water resource planning and inventory functions, and regulate/permit on-site waste water systems. 

Staff processestemporary and full-time water permits & water rights investigations, coordinates with State regarding boundary waters and state permitting issues, performs water availability and need studies for reservation watersheds, and regulates and permits on-site waste water systems.

Septic System Application Process

Air Quality Program: Protect air quality of the Colville Indian Reservation.
The Air Quality Program develops, operates, and maintains an air monitoring & permitting program for Reservation, coordinates with EPA on implementation of new federal air quality laws for the Colville Indian Reservation, performs air quality inventories and assessments, coordinates with Fire Control on burning permits and smoke management issues. 

Air Quality Construction Fact Sheet
Air Quality, Wildfire, and Smoke
Forms and Applications
Natural Resource Project Application Instructions
Natural Resource Project Application– Forest Practice
Natural Resource Project Application– Hydraulic Practice
Temporary Water Use Application
Burning Permit Application
Staff Directory
Earth Day Event Success, Video

Environmental Trust Non-Source Point Pollution Documents

Soil and Water Management Plan

Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment Work Plan, February 2011 v1

Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment Work Plan, February 2011 v3

Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment Work Plan, February 2011 v4

Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment Work Plan, February 2011 v5

Expansion of Problem Formulation Chapter, March 2012

Final Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), March 2009

Final Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), September 2009

Final Report, June 2012

Final Sampling and Analysis Plan, September 2010

Final Work Plan, August 2010

Overall RI/FS Schedule, January 2011

Phase I Data Evaluation Report, Data Evaluation Report, August 2006

Phase I Data Evaluation Report, October 2007

Phase II QAPP, September 2009

Phase I Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), August 2005

Phase I Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), March 2005

Phase I Summary and Evaluation of Toxicity Tests, August, 2012

QAPP Amendment #1, April 2010

QAPP Amendment #2, February 2011

University of Saskatchewan QAPP for sediment exposures to White Sturgeon, June 2010

USGS Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for water-only exposures to White Sturgeon and Rainbow Trout, June 2010

Expanded Site Investigation, March 2003

Preliminary Assessment, December 2000

Preliminary Assessments and Site Inspections of Lower Pend Oreille River Mines and Mills in Pend Oreille County, April 2002

Preliminary Assessments and Site Inspections of UCR Mines and Mills in Stevens County, October 2002

RI/FS Work Plan, December 2008 Volume 2

Screening Level Risk Assessment (SLERA), February 2010

Settlement Agreement between EPA and Teck Cominco, June 2006