The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
Daily Inmate Count

Booking Date Name Age Sex Charge(s) Arresting Officer Release Date
2230 28-Feb-2015 Simpson, William M. 30 Male Court Commit - Physical Control Carden 14-Apr-2015
1715 28-Feb-2015 Andrew-Paul, Triston V. 19 Male Spokane Tribe Hold - New Charges - Obstructing Justice, MIP Gonzalez
0415 28-Feb-2015 Tonasket, Don A. 51 Male Tribal Warrant - Physical Control
Lincoln County Warrant - DUI
1415 27-Feb-2015 Cutfinger, Tonya R. 37 Female Tribal Warrant - Battery DV
Okanogan County Warrant - DWLS/R, DUI
1200 27-Feb-2015 Brown, Randy L. 42 Male Tribal Warrant - Contempt of Court
New Charges - Prohibited Acts - Possession X2
1100 27-Feb-2015 Brandom, Justin T. 25 Male Spokane Tribe Hold - DUI Woolbert 5-Mar-2015
0630 25-Feb-2015 Andrews, Nickolas G. 29 Male Tribal Warrant- Burglary Woolbert
0100 21-Feb-2015 Scott, Christine M. 43 Female New Charge - Disobedience of Court Order Hughes
1200 20-Feb-2015 Leyva, Alicia 33 Female Spokane Tribe Hold - Grand theft, Pending Drug Charge(s) Woolbert
1200 20-Feb-2015 Browneagle, Moses 32 Male Spokane Tribe Hold - Warrant - Assault Woolbert
2015 18-Feb-2015 Wilson, Phillip M. 48 Male Tribal Warrant (X2) - Vehicle Assault, Resisting Arrest, Physical Control
Lincoln County Warrant - DWLS 3rd
T. Marchand
1700 14-Feb-2015 Adams, Jacqueline M. 26 Female Tribal Warrant- Theft X3 Mason
0600 13-Feb-2015 Walker Jr., James C. 46 Male Physical Control, DWLS/R T. Marchand
1115 7-Feb-2015 Lazard, Thomas G. Jr. 24 Male Tribal Warrants X2- DWLS/R, Prohibited Acts (Manufacture, Cultivate, Deliver) X2 Reyes
1815 6-Feb-2015 Condon, Rose M. 37 Female Tribal Warrant - Trespass - Building, Theft, Fraudulent Credit Card Use (X6) Reyes
1130 6-Feb-2015 Frank, Mariah C. 20 Female CDA Tribe Hold - Possession of Paraphernalia With Intent to Use, Resisting Arrest/Obstructing Officers (X2), PossessControlled Substance, Minor in Consumption of Alcohol Woolbert 14-Mar-2015
1615 29-Jan-2015 Abrahamson Jr., Arnold L. 26 Male Court Commit - Battery DV Smith 28-Jul-2015
1800 29-Jan-2015 Reevis, Sundance L. 22 Male Spokane Tribe Hold - Assault and Battery 2nd Watkins 17-Apr-2015
0900 25-Jan-2015 Bray II, Kenneth P. 45 Male Tribal Warrant (X2) - Battery DV Beeson 24-Jul-2015
1900 24-Jan-2015 Lazard, Charmayne L. 29 Female  Battery DV, Assault DV Knutson
1130 23-Jan-2015 Dick III, William J. 28 Male Tribal Warrant - Probation Violation Bob 25-Mar-2015
1645 19-Jan-2015 Edwards, Lewis W. 51 Male Intoxication, Assault 3, Resisting Arrest Bob
0430 17-Jan-2015 Priest, Kevin B. 49 Male New Charges - Driving While Intoxicated, Driving While License Suspended, Attempt to Elude, Prohibited Acts (Poss Paraphernalia), Resisting Arrest
Okanogan County Warrant - DWLS 1st
2230 16-Jan-2015 Timentwa, Randy L. 33 Male Tribal Warrant - Assault DV, Malicious Mischief DV Miller
1415 16-Jan-2015 Wynne, Tony J. 37 Male Spokane Tribe Hold - Assault 2nd, Battery DV Woolbert 14-Mar-2015
0400 14-Jan-2015 Parisian Jr., Robert J. 20 Male Tribal Warrant- Battery (X2)
New Charges- Attempt to Elude, DWLS/R 2nd Degree
1230 12-Jan-2015 Stanczak III, Anthony J. 22 Male Indecent Liberties (X3), Rape LaBounty
1345 11-Jan-2015 Swan, Angel L. 23 Female Attempted Homicide Butz
1645 11-Jan-2015 Nicholson, Lester N. 35 Male Battery DV, Strangulation DV, Malicious Mischief DV Dennis
1015 7-Jan-2015 Seymour, Sandra L. 53 Female Tribal Warrant- Embezzlement (X24) Clark-Hall 3-May-2015
0230 6-Jan-2015 Boyd, Jason A. 26 Male New Charges- Prohibited Acts (Possession), Prohibited Acts (Drug Paraphernalia)
Tribal Warrant- Prohibited Acts (Possession), Prohibited Acts (Drug Paraphernalia)
1600 2-Jan-2015 Cobos, Richard J. 21 Male New Charge- Burglary
Tribal Warrants (X2)- Malicious Mischief (X2), Burglary, Theft, Refusing to Aide an Officer
1515 1-Jan-2015 Trevino, Joseph L. 32 Male Battery DV Redfield
1245 22-Dec-2014 Totus, Randall J. 44 Male Strangulation DV, Unlawful Imprisonment DV, Assault DV, Battery DV LaBounty
0230 13-Dec-2014 Desautel Jr., Michael D. 28 Male Prohibited Acts (Possession of Meth)(X5), Prohibited Acts (Possession of Oxycodone Pills), Attempting to Elude a Police Vehicle, Reckless Driving Oneal
1300 8-Dec-2014 Moran, Aric S. 18 Male Tribal Warrant- Battery, Prohibited Acts (Possession of Marijuana), Resisting Arrest, Unauthorized Use of Vehicle Carden
0915 21-Nov-2014 Jim, Kyle M. 24 Male Tribal Warrant- DUI, DWLS/R
Okanogan County Warrant- DUI, DWLS 3rd Degree
Mineral County (Montana) Warrant- Probation Violation
Reyes 24-Mar-2015
1000 14-Nov-2014 Thomas, Charles R. 23 Male Court Commit- Battery DV Hagen 10-May-2015
0745 13-Nov-2014 Marchand Sr., Monte L. 45 Male Tribal Warrants (X2) - Burglary DV, Malicious Mischief DV, Battery (X3), Battery DV, DUI, Intimidation, Injury to Public Property
New Charges - Battery (X2)
1500 25-Sep-2014 Lazard, Max H. 27 Male Court Commit- Prohibited Acts (Manufacture, Cultivate, Deliver)(X3), Aiding or Abetting Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Heroin) A. Parks 26-Jan-2016
0130 3-Oct-2013 St. Peter, David L. 58 Male Rape, Indecent Liberties Cournyer 22-Sep-2015