The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
Camping and Fishing
Camping and Fishing
People are beginning to discover the natural beauty and bountiful lakes that are located within the Colville Reservation. Whether you are a camper, hiker, fisher, or biker, there is something for everyone looking for that escape from city life. With miles of sandy beach and hidden gems isolated from the general population, the Colville Indian Reservation helps rest and relax your body, spirit, and mind. There is something special about being away from the stresses of everyday life that rejuvenates a person. While vacationing on the Colville Indian Reservation, you’ll relearn words and phrases such as fun, exciting, beautiful, breathe-taking, peaceful, and “it don’t get any better than this,” but you’ll forget stress, timelines, brownnosing, and traffic. It is the perfect getaway that helps you balance yourself with nature and the surrounding environment.
The Colville Indian Reservation is all about the beauty undeveloped landscaping offers. Many of the attractions are for naturalists, either people who enjoy the beauty of non-industrialized areas or the plant life and wildlife involved with it. So whether you simply want to escape to a comfort zone, view plentiful plant and wildlife or create your own fishing tales, the Colville Indian Reservation is right for you.
Reynold's Resort
Barnaby Creek / Barnaby Island
Barnaby Creek is located about 500 feet off the Kettle Falls road, approximately 15 miles north of Inchelium. During the fishing season, many people enjoy catching fish and exploring Barnaby Island. The island sits about half of a mile off the shoreline and is provides an exceptional view. Privacy is abundant and many people enjoy the quiet solitude this island offers.
Big Goose Lake
Big Goose Lake  is located to the south of Omak Lake, on the Omak Lake road. The two miles long lake is  a marshy wetland lined with cattails and swamp grass, making it ideal habitat for waterfowl and shore birds. Currently, Big Goose Lake does not support a fishery.
Coyote Creek
Coyote Creek is located in the western part of the Reservation and is approximately 10 miles from Nespelem, Washington, off All-American Highway 155. Coyote Creek campground is positioned with access from 155 and from the Coyote Creek / Kartar Road. The site provides a quiet picnic setting with restroom facilities to all travelers moving through the Reservation. This site is approximately 10-12 acres in size and is particularly appealing due to its remoteness and physical features including tall pine, mountain grass and ferns.
Keller Park
Keller Park is located two miles south of Keller, Washington, adjacent to Highway 21. The park is located along the San Poil River and the mouth of the Columbia River. It encompasses four acres with picnic tables, barbecue pits, boating / swimming docks, restrooms and camping facilities. It is a great stop for those coming from, or heading to the Canadian border.
Omak Lake/Mission End
The Mission End is located five miles south of All-American Highway 155 on the Paschal Sherman Indian School road approximately nine miles southeast of Omak, Washington. This site is equipped with a boating / swimming dock. Omak Lake is twelve miles long with sandy beaches located on the southwest, northwest, and northeast shores. The boating dock is located at the northeast shore. The lake is stocked with Lahontan cutthroat trout and is open to the general public on a permit basis.
Omak Lake/Nicholson Beach
Nicholson Beach is located on the west side of Omak Lake. Access to this area is by Kartar Valley road or Omak Lake road. The site is approximately 100 acres in size which includes a quarter mile of sandy beach used for swimming, boating, camping and fishing. The facilities include campsites and outhouses.  The lake is restricted to day use only—no overnight camping is allowed.
Rocky Point Campgrounds
Rocky Point Campgrounds are located 100 feet off the Bridge Creek road, along the northeastern shoreline of North Twin Lakes. Current facilities include outhouses, fire rings, garbage cans and a boating / swimming dock.
Roger's Bar
Roger’s Bar is located off the Silver Creek road approximately 20 miles south of Inchelium along Lake Roosevelt. Local residents and boaters alike unwind at the secluded inlets and sandy beaches. Warm, sunny days make this spot a must for people seeking to enjoy a relaxing vacation, afternoon outing, or weekend camping trip. Present facilities include outhouses, picnic tables, fire rings and sandy beaches.
Rufus Woods Net Pens

The Rufus Woods Net Pens are located approximately seven miles southwest of the Colville Indian Agency on the Columbia River road. This site is approximately four acres in size and currently has three developed campsites with one outhouse. This area is open year around and primarily used by fishermen seeking a Columbia River trophy rainbow trout.
Swawilla Basin
The Swawilla Basin is located in the south central part of the Reservation, approximately five miles upstream from Grand Coulee Dam and 6 miles downstream from the San Poil Park. The site is approximately 10 acres in size with sandy beaches and private coves, a prime attraction for campers, boaters, and fisherman.
Thirteen Mile Creek Campground
Thirteen Mile Creek Campground lives up to its name, approximately thirteen miles from Republic off highway 21. It serves as the gateway into fourteen miles of backcountry trail riding. This campground includes a parking area, campground spurs, fire rings, restrooms, a loading ramp, four hitching rails, picnic tables, and a watering hole for horses.
Twenty One Mile Creek Campground
Twenty One Mile Creek campground sets off to the right of Highway 21, along the San Poil River. Nestled in tall pines, amidst a deep canyon, it is the perfect location for summer camp.
Wilmont Bay
Wilmont Bay is located off the Silver Creek road nearly 24 miles south of Inchelium. Hidden amidst the tall pines, this inlet invites vacationers into an environment of quiet broken only by the beautiful crashing of a waterfall. Swim, picnic, and relax with amenities including picnic tables, outhouses, and garbage cans.
McGinnis Lake
McGinnis Lake is a 115-acre lake that offers Brook Trout and crayfish. It has public access and requires a tribal fishing permit for non-tribal members.
Non-Tribal Members Camping Sites
1. Areas listed below are open to camping by non-members who pay a fee and obtain a permit,
which must be maintained on the person of the permittee or displayed on the windshield of
permittees vehicle.
2. Non-members are permitted to camp in the following authorized campground areas subject to
payment of a daily fee (except as noted below). A camping permit is considered a valid camp fire
  • (a.) It is the responsibility of the camper to check for restrictions at the time of camping permit purchase. During periods of HIGH, VERY HIGH, OR EXTREME Fire Danger burning may be restricted.
  • (b) The area around the fire must be cleared of any burnable materials. A minimum of 4 feet is required.
  • (c) The fire must not be within 50 feet of any structure.
  • (d) The fire must be less than 6 feet in diameter, or contained within the fire pit provided in the campground.
  • (e) The camper will have a bucket of water or charged hose nearby while the campfire is burning, and will have a suitable tool, such as a shovel axe, or hoe, near by to help stir the fire when it is time to put it out.
  • (f) The camper is also responsible to make sure their campfire is dead out before they leave the campsite. Dead out means to put water on the fire or coals, stir it around, put more water on it and stir it again until there is no more heat left in the fire or coals.
  • (g) Not meeting these guidelines will result in a civil infraction and fine against the camper.
This following Campground will be open YEAR ROUND.

Opening day will be April 1, 2016 thru November 6, 2016 to coincide with the Colville
Tribal Fishing Season. (At the following Campgrounds only.)

All other Campgrounds (listed below) will be open May 13, 2016 thru November 6, 2016.

3. Random camping by non-members is permitted in the Tribally managed portion of the Lake
Roosevelt Management Area subject to payment of a designated fee from the shoreline up with a
recreational vehicle, boat moored or anchored to the Reservation Zone of the Colville Confederated
Tribes with self-contained sanitation facilities, and on the further condition that any garbage that is
packed in is packed out.

All Camp Permits sold by a Natural Resource Enforcement Officer in the field will be charged
double regardless of Campground or Random Camping. It is our intent to get the campers to utilize
the outlets that sell the camping permits.

1 DAY PERMIT = $20.00
3 DAY PERMITS = $40.00
7 DAY PERMITS = $85.00
Permit is good until 6:00 pm of the last day of the permit. A campsite shall be limited to eight
people, one tent, or one R.V. Any additional people, tents, or R.V.'s will require additional permits.

(These fees are per boat or tent on Lake Roosevelt only)
1 DAY PERMIT = $15.00
3 DAY PERMITS = $30.00
7 DAY PERMITS = $60.00
Rainbow Beach Resort
Rainbow Beach Resort’s main purpose is to provide a vacation resort in a remote area. The resort is located a few miles west of Inchelium, Washington and offers a variety of activities on and around the beautiful 1,721 acre Twin Lakes area. A wide variety of birds and wildlife are abundant around the lake. North Twin Lake offers one of the few loon nesting areas in Washington State. Other activities include water skiing, swimming, biking & hiking. Rainbow Beach provides cabins, RV spaces, and boat rentals. The cabins range from non-modern to grand and deluxe models. During the winter months, the lake is known for its ice-fishing. You can catch rainbow trout, brook trout, and largemouth bass.

Reynold's Resort
Renold's Resort is located on Buffalo Lake approximately 5 miles South of Nespelem, WA.
RV Sites, Rustic Cabins, Tent Camping
Boat Launch, Fishing Permits, Boat Rentals, Swim Dock
Special Winter Fishing Season
for more information call the Resort at (509) 633-1092 or
Colville Tribes adn Recreation Office at (509) 634-3145
Cell (509) 322-8098
Fax (509) 633-7025
Email: mike.hall@colvilletribes.com

Reynold's Resort Fees:
Resorvations required for RV, Cabin and Tent Camping with a $25 non-refundable deposit
RV Camping: $40 per day (full hookup to water, sewer, elecctricity) $25 per month (full time) or $20 per month (come and go)
Cabins (no water) Cabin 1-2: $25 |  Cabin 3-4: $30
Tent Camping: 7 Days: $85 | 3 Days: $40 | 1 Day:$20
Dry Camping: $20 per day (no water or electricity)

Boat Launch: $7
Boat Rentals: $20 per day without moters
Boat with moter (provide own fuel):$40 per day